• A luxury 45-minute tour on our chauffeured punts
  • Board and disembark at our Jesus Green Moorings
  • Glide on the river and see nine beautiful bridges
  • Travel along the famous College Backs
  • See the unparalleled architectural treats of riverside buildings
  • Hear the history of the City and University of Cambridge

When travelling with family, book on our Family Punting option to get the best family group offer in Cambridge. You can use this option if you are travelling with at least one child under 12.


Enhance your punting trip with choices of beautiful wine, artisan cheeses, and many more options from the Cambridge Bar. Add to your booking and everything will be delivered to you at our pontoon by bicycle in time to be sipped, savoured and sampled on your tour.








Rutherford’s punting company has family heritage directly linked to Ernest Rutherford, a Cambridge Graduate and nuclear physicist, who has shaped our world today through his contribution to industry and education. We’re Cambridge’s luxury punting company focused entirely on giving customers the very best punting hospitality.

We would be delighted to plan your Cambridge experience around your ideas, suggestions and requests – Get in touch as we’re here to make the best Cambridge day happen for you!